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Luxury properties make a great investment over long periods of time, and they also provide exceptional short-term benefits as well. There are many areas around Boston that demonstrate a consistently high rate of growth, so new investors can expect the resell value of these investment properties to increase over time. Discover some of the most exciting properties in the Boston area, and find the perfect apartment with amenities, features and benefits that will create an ideal living environment for years to come.

Features and Benefits

Many luxurious apartments in Boston are situated near a waterfront area, and these properties often feature balconies or huge windows that provide tenants with stunning views of the surrounding areas. Find quality apartments with a combination of hardwood flooring, marble bathrooms, granite counters, spacious bathrooms, walk-in closets and other desirable features. These luxury apartments also provide residents with a dishwasher, gas-powered range, carpeted flooring, cable and satellite TV, private parking, concierge services and valet parking in some cases. The perfect apartment could have one, two or three full bathrooms, and certain units even include a luxurious hot tub with jet streams or whirlpool functions. Searching for luxury apartments in Boston can be a pleasant exercise. It is fun to discover the most exciting features of each unit, for every tenant has a unique set of priorities.

Floor plans and square footage is a very important consideration for new tenants. These luxury apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. The number of bedrooms can range between one and five, for example. In addition, some tenants desire ground-floor apartments while others may prefer a unit within a tall condominium complex. It is not difficult to find a luxury apartment with a private patio or deck, and these apartments include furnished or unfurnished units. Enjoy high ceilings and a crystal chandelier right in the living room, or move into the amazing ambiance of a refurbished warehouse space from the turn of the century. Choose between apartments that invoke a historical period of aristocratic elegance, or settle into a comfortable apartment with a casual atmosphere. Other apartments are designed to reproduce the relaxed ambiance found in many single-family homes by featuring a fireplace area and cozy living quarters.

Building Amenities, Interior and Exterior

Almost all of these luxury apartments in Boston will offer extra services and amenities to enhance daily life. This may include an on-site fitness center or a swimming pool, for example. Residing in a Boston apartment can also provide residents with a surprising perk of living within the ambiance of a historical building. High-demand apartments are often situated in buildings constructed during a specific period in history, and this is evident in the architectural style, lobby areas, concierge desks and various ornamental sections of the edifice. However, all indoor areas of the structure conform strictly to the relevant codes for Boston's luxury apartments. For example, renters can find a variety of sleek, modern apartments within a reconstructed Victorian townhouse. Building renovations in this area are common, and it can create an idyllic environment for people who wish to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle within the unique atmosphere of a beautifully restored historic building.

There are also many units available that capture the modern lifestyle within both interior and exterior features of the building. Tall buildings feature reliable elevator service, and they provide prospective tenants with many finely designed apartment units. These modern buildings are formidable and pristine, and they often provide residents with reliable maintenance services in case anything malfunctions or requires a periodic repair. These on-site service generate a peace of mind for residents who want to know that any problems will be fixed in a short window of time. Refurbished buildings create a comfortable living environment, and these condo apartments often feature an open loft-style floor plan. The high ceilings and concrete floors are offset by granite and stainless steel kitchen designs.

Amenities in Boston Luxury Apartments

There is a growing demand for luxury apartments in the Boston area, and developers are aware of this fact. The response to this need is an increase in the available housing options in different kinds of buildings. These properties offer residents a balance of comfort and convenience by including modern machinery, elegant designs, visually appealing materials and customized spaces. Comfort is also enabled through the reliable HVAC systems. For example, the luxury apartments are situated within buildings that were designed or rehabilitated, so they will heat and cool each living area evenly. Maintenance professionals are trained and certified to work on any area throughout the entire property. This reduces the monthly costs of heating and cooling, and it also provides tenants with a reliable temperature throughout any month of the year.


The convenience of owning a luxury apartment goes beyond beautiful interior materials and spacious layouts. It also extends to the various amenities offered right within the main building of a high-rise apartment complex, a modern condominium or a refurbished loft. Luxury apartments are designed to maximize the amount of sunlight coming in through the large windows, and this is an ideal layout for many young professionals. Many properties allow residents to keep small pets, so pet owners should always check with management on specific pet policies before signing a lease.

Some prospective tenants might desire a living environment that is comfortable and private while also providing access to communal areas. Rooftop patios and community deck spaces attract residents who desire to establish some connection with their neighbors. On-site fitness areas also provide residents with an opportunity to engage in casual social activities. A penthouse apartments unit offers an additional amenity of a rooftop lounge area. High-end residential apartment complexes in Boston offer tenants luxurious spa services including saunas, massage therapy, outdoor spaces, swimming pool access, and other perks. Some buildings even offer access to a five-star gourmet restaurant right on the premises. Find your perfect luxury apartment today.

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